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Me..Suzi Homemaker?

What has happened to me? I think I have been bitten by the suzi homemaker bug? First I decide I need to start cooking...and now SEWING? Oh MY! Babies make you go nuts I think! ha ha ha. Just teasing. I have always been a crafty person but sewing was just a skill I never had. I decided I wanted to fix that problem and LEARN. So on tuesday evening I took a class at JoAnn Fabrics with a wonderful old lady named Isabel. She was so sweet and a great teacher...I think I might be hooked! I am going to take one more class and if all goes well I am going to take the plunge and get a sewing machine. I figured it would be fun to make cute little dresses for Lily and I always enjoy making Christmas gifts for the girls in my family (not sure how much they love it? LOL). We will see what I can pull off. For now here is my VERY first finished project...A beautiful Pillow Case!

Not too shabby :) I will post my next project soon.

And in case you were wondering...My dinners have been going pretty good. So far I have had success even when I thought I had ruined the dinner. I keep forgetting to take photos but I will post some of the meals when I remember to take a pic!

More later...


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