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Happy 4th of July!

We spent today with the same wonderful crew of people as we did last year.  Our kids are too small to really enjoy the fireworks so a low key BBQ is the answer for us. Even as I sit here writing this...I am praying Lily sleeps through the "BOOMS". I know thats what the 4th is all about but when you have a small child who cant stay up that late its not nearly as fun.  Soon though we will be out enjoying the Booms as a family!  ha.  For now...I appreciate our friends who dont mind missing the fireworks (or have kids of their own) so that we can still have a mini celebration.  I didnt get any photos except of the kids but thats the most important anyways isnt it?  The often featured "Sanow Twins" (Esme & Ellerie) and Lily had a blast playing and hanging out.  Even a few hugs and kisses (until Lily says....well actually shoves Esme away! ha). I have quite the series of photos. Hope you enjoy.  And ahem...no more crap for NO LILY photo posts! (you know who you are!) This should more than make up for it!

First we have the girls in their signature spot (last 4th we have the same shot just the girls were not sitting up yet)


And a little Snuggle Shot...

Until Lily had enough of that...ha ha ha!


But no worries....Friends Again :)

And a couple of adorable shots of Esme and Ellerie who are now experts on posing for me!

And of course my little Lily...We are working on walking...and of course being Silly!

And I saved the Best for last....MY GOOFY GIRL! Love her :)


I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Stay tuned for Diaper Winner and also I have a special photographer flying in for Lily's One Year Photo Session tomorrow!  We should have LOTS of new photos very soon! I am so excited!



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