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Jul y 4th Does anyone remember fireworks being so late as a kid? I know when we were little it probably seemed like they would never start and then they would be over too quick. But seriously, 9:45pm here is when it was dark enough and the planned time for Hometown Sparks, Nevada fireworks last night. I don’t ever remember them ever being delayed either. Well, last night they were late and then came the announcement that they might not happen at all… It was windy, when is it NOT windy here?? I guess they had concerns due to very dry conditions here and all the recent devastating fires, with one just barely contained in Reno yesterday, so I understand their hesitancy. The announcement said, could be 11:30 or not at all…So many kids had been waiting and waiting, us too! So, we joined the masses and packed it in about 10:15 since we had to work in the am like a lot of people. And it was getting really late for all the little ones also. So, as we sat in the never-ending bumper to bumper traffic jam, with almost everyone else, they started the fireworks. Not quite the same to watch from your moving vehicle and also a little scary as we were entering the freeway, cars were stopped, slowing down and pulling over! I thought for sure there would be a multi-car pileup! So a late night brief and a little scary glimpse from our moving car was our fireworks show this year. L

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Happy 4th of July!