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Keeping us on our toes...

I think these babies do just that...Keep us on our toes. The minute we think we have Lily all figured out she throws us for a loop. How come she sleeps through the night for over week and then decides to not? For NO reason. And Im not buying a growth spurt. We "think" she is sleeping through the night again...at least she has been good the last couple nights but I dont want to jinx it. There are days I really wish she could just talk and tell me whats up? She goes through not eating phases then eating...I get worried and then she is fine again. Who knows. I guess I just have to roll with it and we will get through this eventually. ha ha.

Yesterday Miss Lily got to visit with her Uncle Jordan and Auntie Jenn. While Jordan was holding Lily I told him he could play on the computer if he wanted. The next thing we knew "Little Mermaid" was blasting over the speakers! Which turned into a family sing along! ha ha ha. Why on earth he thought of the Little Mermaid I will never know but it was hilarious. Guess he really is ready for kids! I am sorry I dont have a photo of Lily with Auntie Jenn but I did snag a quick one of Uncle Jordy and Lily hanging out...

Thanks to the family for coming to visit! Lily (and I) really enjoyed seeing you both. We will see you in Reno in a couple weeks!
In case you need a reminder of how cute she is...ha ha ha.....


Sick little girl

Lily's favorite book