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Sick little girl

It seems Lily has gotten her first sick bug. We are not totally sure what she has but its been a couple days of fever and hard to get her to eat anything. I did not even realize just how stressed out her being sick makes me. I finally broke down and cried last night. I know...There is no crying in baseball. LOL Just kidding. But seriously I know my daughter is going to get sick and she NEEDS to get sick so she can build up that immune system. But it still breaks your heart when your little one does not feel good and there is nothing you can really do but wait for it to pass. Yes we snuggled her and gave her a little bit of tylenol. But I wish I could explain to her what was happening and that she was going to be just fine. She was a little better today but it was still an off day. In between the ick we did get a few smiles as we see here...

Note the onesie...BE Peaceful :) I was hoping that would give her some encouragement today. Hmm....Keep hoping I suppose.
I will be going to be here in a few...It was a long night of worrying. Oh the joys of being a parent.



Keeping us on our toes...