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45 minutes of screaming last night with what felt like no end in sight. How on earth can something so small make that much noise? And for that long? Wow. Lily is normally not too much of a crier which is why it was driving me crazy. We have had a few rough times but last night definitely took the win. We tried EVERYTHING. And passed her back and forth every 10 minutes or so which I am pretty sure all anyones patience can handle at one time. I was so frustrated. I know many of you have dealt with similar situations so you can understand. I am just a fixer and want to make it better and there was nothing we could do. I think eventually she just tired herself out and finally went to sleep. I guess I should have mentioned she was also doing this at 10:30pm. Yeah. Awesome. I was ready for bed at 9pm as the last few days with sick little girl wore me out. She had other plans. However I will be thankful that she slept all night and its 9:30 am and she is still sound asleep. It gave me a little time to catch up (Now if I could just stop yawning...oh yeah...need my POT of coffee).

Being a parent is hard work. I am ready for certain parts of the baby stage to pass but I know we will hit other challenges. All I can say is I hope my patience will continue to be there for me.


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