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You know your a mom when...

The last couple days Lily and I were in Reno (as you prob gathered from the last post). This was a trip to not only see family but I had several photo sessions. For those of you that dont know....My camera bag is actually a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag. I had it before Lily! I loved the diaper bags and it actually makes a perfect camera bag. I do not like how ugly camera bags are so I ventured out for something different. Now I have a stylish camera bag that no one knows is a camera bag which is even better! Of course when we found out we were pregnant I had an excuse to buy another one! Which means now I have two Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags. Fun right?

So back to the "You know your a mom when"......I was at a session in Reno yesterday and reached into my camera bag to grab a different lens and this is what I grabbed...

LOL! OOPS. I dont think that bottle is going to fit on my camera! And no clue how the bottle ended up in the camera bag!


Over it.

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