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Over it.

Do you ever wonder if your baby/kid is OVER YOU? Seriously. Lets be honest. Parents have their moments when they are just over their children. Everyone has had one of those days...There is no sense in denying it. But somedays I wonder if Lily is really over me? Its kinda funny really. I will be having one of those days with her where she wants to be a fussy pants. Then someone will take her for me and she will be happy as can be. Its like she is saying "I'm over you Mom...go away." To make things even more obvious this is the face Miss Lily gave me when I attempted her 4 month photos on tuesday....

Gotta love the little booger. She is much to young to be looking at me like that! LOL


P.S. Thanks to Ciara for lending your "skirt" as a background for this image :) Amazing what we can do huh? LOL

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