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Most Memorable Moment (by request)

I had an email asking me to share my most memorable moment over the last year.  I have been sitting on this request for a bit now as I wasnt sure how I was going to post? I mean...how do you pick just one?  I guess thats a good thing?  I could pick my least favorite moment(s)....Yeah. Lack of Sleep. LOL.  But of course the lack of sleep balances out with all the smiles and giggles and wonderful moments. Well that and there is light at the end of the tunnel....You dont go without sleep forever :)  Instead of picking just one moment I am going to go with a weeks worth.....In other words...Lily being born and that first week of craziness is one that will always stand out for me. It was one of the hardest...bestest...times of my life.  Of course her being born was an adventure all in itself (ouch by the way! ha)....but seeing her for the first time....holding her...amazed at this little tiny person that we created was CRAZY.  Surreal is probably a better word.  Seeing Daddy Dan hold her for the first time will also be imprinted in my mind. He was SO PROUD and it made me happy to see him with his little girl.  Hardest part of the week? Her being in the NICU was hard but what was worse was when she was taken away and I was in the room all alone waiting to get moved to my new room.  Dan went with Lily and I remember calling my mom (who was at the airport coming as quickly as she could) crying that they took my baby away. That sucked.  I knew Dan was with her and that was great but being alone and not really even knowing what Lily looked like was KILLING ME.  I saw her for about 30 seconds before she was hauled off to NICU.  And the next hardest for sure was leaving the hospital 2 days later....without my little girl. Heart Wrenching. I knew she was fine. I knew she was in good care (and for those who dont know she just needed a little more time for her lungs to develop....nothing more)....but having to go home without my "reward" as I called it for all the pain and ouchies...SUCKED!  Sorry....Im guessing that by most memorable we were not looking for most miserable! ha....But the moments of that first week were again the best and the worst.  We spent every minute at the hospital that we could with Lily including staying in her room all night once she was in a private room. I am thankful that my Mom was here that week to help us. It was hard but with her and Dan's support I made it through and will  never forget a single minute of that week. I also had so many emails/calls/visits from friends and family that week full of support and love! Tears are falling now so I am going to call this a successful post.

Thanks Grandma Lynda for emailing your special request. It did make me stop and think about what I wanted to share. Hope this works :)



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