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Lucky, lucky, lucky

Often we tend to focus on the bad things that disrupt our day, our routine and our lives. Why is that? Well, I think those moments in time and those unwelcome things that happen stand out for us in our normal everyday lives and of course we have to process them, tackle them and get through them, no matter what they are or how difficult they may be.

We kind of take for granted and typically do not focus on thosegood everyday things that just are…

Aren’t we lucky just to BE-today! If I take the time, and I am, to look at my life and everything that I have, my growing family asmy #1, I am very, very lucky. I have my good health, a husband,family,a home and a job.

As for the challenges we face, aren’t we lucky to have those too, I say yes we are! Whatever we have to deal with, we are here to deal with and lucky to be able to do that today, right now and as long as we exist.

I have a great life, yep! I am very lucky, lucky, lucky to have every single thing that I have today.

And, so very extra lucky to have my children and grandchildren to love….

Teri Troke-Lily's Gma

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