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Daycare Center vrs Home Care

What a HUGE decision without a clear answer. And what I mean by that is there are of course pros/cons to both and none of the options I have are the perfect solution. IRRITATING!  Having Lily in daycare is really for me. So that I can have a small break and also get some Bliss work done.  Which does make this a hard decision for me. We only have her in part time care (3 days a week...6 hours each day) so its not too bad. I dont really need full time daycare for her nor do I really want her in full time now (might happen some day).  The Kindercare close by we have her in.... has went and is going through some DRASTIC changes.  7 employees have quit in the short amount of time Lily has been there (6 months) and most of the quitting has been in the last two months since the new director was hired (whom I am NOT a fan of).  In fact as soon as the director was hired I almost pulled Lily. The only thing that stopped me is I decided Lily's teachers were more important than the evil (yes she is evil) director. I really did love her teachers and that is why I started her at that location in the first place. Well...now...final straw. Her first teacher (nursery teacher) quit a couple weeks ago and friday I got notice her toddler teacher is done at the end of this month. That makes 7. Ugh. Also found out her toddler teacher worked there for FIVE years and is leaving due to the new director. Awesome. And her nursery teacher has her 3 year old son there and quit. Also comforting.  So no more Kindercare for Lily.  Now what?  We have several options of home care as well as one more daycare center I can try that is not too far away. However I am not sure which is the best way to go? In home? Or Center?  What are your opinions?  Im super picky about other peoples houses so another option is also more of a "nanny". Which also has its advantages and disadvantages.  I work from home most of the time and Ill admit it is hard to work when Lily is downstairs.  There is options there too though. Shut my office door...Wear headphones....Go work at Dan's office...Go to the studio. Okay you get the picture.  It really boils down to Lily however. Ill make it work for me as long as it is the BEST for her. And that is really all I care about.  We had 5 options. I think we might be down to 4. We were not to thrilled with one of them.  But again....pros/cons of each.  I guess this is always going to be a huge thing. Who wants to trust someone else with their child?  I want Lily to be happy and not cry everytime I drop her off. I know that is a part of being a kid. But it still sucks.  I want a little more compassion and about the child NOT about how much money you are making...Quit changing the schedules and disrupting the poor toddlers (Im told they now have to wake the kids up at 2:30 from nap no matter what? Seriously? WTH! NOT okay). Make me feel better...Tell me what you think. Share experiences? Anything!

Thanks fellow mommy's...I am sure many of you know what I am going through right?


Sleep...oh Sleep...I miss you.

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