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Sleep...oh Sleep...I miss you.

What in the heck is going on with my little princess (although Im not going to lie at 3am I think she is more the devil! ha).   Lily was sick Mon/Tues with a high fever but by wed she was doing pretty well.  Her fever had broke and she seemed in much better spirits.  However....Mommy and Daddy are not well as we have been sleep deprived for 3 nights.  Lily was up from 12-4am tuesday night (yes the ENTIRE time)....and last night....It was screaming bloody murder from about 9am-midnight.  Those of you with kids...Do you know how hard it is to listen to your child screaming as if the world is going to end for THAT LONG! OMG.  Tuesday night at 4am we finally brought her into our room. It was our very last thing to try (and believe me we tried everything).  She calmed down (but you know....could be coincidence as she had been up for 4 hours) and FINALLY slept.  Last night I told Dan my cutoff was midnight and we would bring in with us again and see if that would help (please know she NEVER sleeps with us so Im not convinced that is what she is hoping for).  11:55 pm Dan finally gets the monster to sleep.  Until 3am...luckily it was a quick binky and lay her down and she slept until 8:30. THANK YOU LILY.  Granted....we are still not well....3 days of no sleep and last night screaming for 3 hours about did me in.  When she stopped screaming I could still hear her screaming. Seriously. I had to keep asking Dan "are you sure she's not screaming?" LOL  I was out of it. We do not know what is wrong. We could not do anything to make her better. And you may say teething....or something...who really knows.  But she has been looked over by her "Grandma Nancy" every day she was sick and Lily is doing much better.  But seriously.....can she JUST SLEEP!!!!  Anyone up for pulling an all nighter for us? I think one full 12 hours of sleep and we should be back to normal? Anyone...ha ha! PS...I am forgiven if this makes no sense and is jumbled. You are lucky I even posted. I.AM.A.ZOMBIE!

~sjgiehy (oops...I mean Whitney)

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