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Daycare has been solved. At least for now. I guess Im hearing its always a battle.  But for now her original nursery teacher will be watching her. Whew. She was the first person I "liked" when checking out daycares and Lily's favorite teacher.  I was even a little bummed when Lily had to move to toddlers and would no longer have our favorite teacher.  Today was Lily's first day and it went great! No tears at drop off and she did not want to leave when I picked her up. Relief.  I did not even worry about her for one second. Oh wait...maybe thats bad? ha! Actually I was so busy with work today I was thankful I knew she would be in good hands so I did not have to be worried. Thank to everyone for all their thoughts and advice. It really sounded like people seemed to prefer an in home situation and fingers crossed Im hoping this works well for Lily. Here is an instagram (blisswhitney) shot of Miss Lily.

And we must not forget this one. She is infatuated with carrying mommy's purse! She even knows how to carry it properly. SO CUTE!



Two Kids Vrs One.

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