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Two Kids Vrs One.

Now don't get freaked out. I AM NOT SAYING IM HAVING ANOTHER CHILD! ha ha.  Its really just a fun topic. Right?  Its funny because every day I change my mind. There might be a split second where I think "okay....yes two would be better" and then Lily decides that is a good night to NOT sleep...and then I say "Lily is letting us know she wants to be an only child."  Today I spent some time visiting with a wonderful client who is a mom of a two year old.  I always chat with my clients but today felt a little closer to home. Kate is my age and was always planning for two (we were never sure we were having any until we decided to take the plunge).  But to chat with her and hear the reasons to have one or not to have one...Or I guess the things that make you hesitate and not want to do it all over again.  Her words were exactly mine. Things I had said. Things I have thought. So it made me think...We must all go through this a bit? Maybe some of you are just super moms and know you want a litter of kids and no discussion needed. But for me...well us... it was a HUGE decision to have one. Dont worry we are happy (who really says they are not once they actually have kids anyway! Lol) we just really made sure we were ready (after 7 years of marriage!).  There is so much to consider once you have been through all this.  Ignorance truly is Bliss the first time around. Now I know too much. I wasnt a huge fan of being prego...although I was totally fine. ChildBirth hurt like HELL.  NICU was miserable. Sleep? huh? Whats that? But despite the "fog" as Kate put it I was in that first year the flip side is we did it. We survived. I survived somehow...but I did. And we know we can do it. So then the discussion turns to is it fair to Lily to be an only child? Lots of people are only children. Some by the choice of the parents and maybe some because they were unable to have more kids.  But the kids survive and its not the end of the world that they are the Only Child. Dan's brother was so much older he was basically an only child and he is not super close with him now so he thinks no big deal. Me? I have a brother I am closer with then my two younger sisters (they are quite a bit younger).  So Im somewhere in the middle. Now that my little bro has a baby I am actually upset that we do not live closer. I think of the "cousins" growing up together and being able to share in parenthood. We may not live close but we do our best and I do appreciate having him/siblings/niece/nephew etc.  So how do you actually decide? It seems if you really sit down and think about it and made a list. I bet it would be 50/50 to have another or not. Some reasons may way more heavily but still...there is definitely reasons on either side of the fence.  So share. How did YOU decide? What do you think about one verses two? Im seriously curious. To hear someone else say the things I was thinking...I know I am NOT alone in this.  And Kate...If you read this. Thanks for visiting with me today....and hopefully you are okay that I mentioned you here :) Until next time~ Whitney

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