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Too Busy and Broken Computer :(

My "Baby" broke. Well my other baby that is. It had to go visit the mac doctor and get a new hard drive.  4 days with no computer. Okay thats a Lie. I have an iphone, ipad AND a laptop. But yet I was pouting for 4 days that I had no computer. Well...My main computer is my BABY. It has everything including all my images on it. So that meant no work (which I suppose could be a blessing) and I felt lost. I had to cancel appointments (no photos) and felt cut off from something...although Im not sure what though? As if the other THREE apple products weren't enough! (oh and Dan has two computers, iPad and iPhone....right).  Clearly I survived and now its paddling through trying to find my way back to normal (whatever that is). My real baby, Lily is just peachy. Enjoying her giggles and cuteness everyday. Wed evening she said "Thank You Momma" for the first time and it MELTED my heart. She says Momma and Thank you of course but she had never strung them together and she did it without prompting (I just handed her a cup of milk). Oh Lily...Make momma happy.  Our next hope is waiting for the "Luv U". We are trying. She loves giving us closed mouth kisses now...so we are getting close right?

On a side note...Dan and I celebrated 8 years of marriage on tuesday with work and bowling. Yeah us. Okay that does not really count. We are actually having our first overnighter in one year (last year on our anniversary we had an overnighter).  We will be staying the night at the coast this weekend and My bestie Miss Jamie is going to brave a weekend with Lily and her two girls. Jamie...You really are my BESTIE!  Love you bunches for this....seriously. Next overnighter will most likely be in November for my bday (Grandma to the Rescue?). We shall see.  So this weekend is going to be guest post by Jamie I think? At least a snapshot Sunday? Or an update for Mom as I will be missing Lily even though I know she will be in good hands. So I am volunteering you for a guest post :)

Stay tuned...AND sorry for the lack of pics/posts. This week I get to blame NO computer rather than just being busy!



Guest Post by "Aunt Jamie"

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