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Guest Post by "Aunt Jamie"

Happy Anniversary to Dan and Whitney!!!!!!Whitney and Dan were looking to get away for their anniversary weekend and (lucky for us) felt comfortable asking us to watch Miss Lily while they celebrated at the coast. Over the years, Whitney has helped us out on MANY occasions with our girls (now 4 and 7) so we were more than happy to finally be able to return the favor. .. plus we really enjoyed spending time with Lily!

For the whole week before Lily arrived, Kylee and Avery asked everyday “how many days until Lily gets here?” Needless to say, they were super excited when the day finally arrived! Lily was a trooper when mom and dad left and enjoyed watching the girls’ gymnastics class although you could tell that she was really itching to go “souside” to play. Lily loves to be outside so we made sure to go on plenty of walks while she was with us.

Another thing we did a lot of???? Weekend grocery shopping and errands (boring, I know). She did great during these excursions and kept my girls entertained too!

We had planned to watch the Oregon Ducks game on Saturday night . . . so we had to make sure Lily felt included. Green and yellow look great on her! We tried to get her to say “GO DUCKS” without luck, but we’ll keep trying! Oh did I mention that Whitney and Dan are Beaver fans?  Here are a few memorable things from the weekend: Lily’s favorite word, “Hi.” Lily’s favorite person this weekend? Dave (my husband). Every time he would walk into the room, she would give him a super sweet smile and say “hi.” Lily does NOT like to be left with strangers . . . found this out when we attempted to drop her off in the church nursery on Sunday morning. Lily loves to go “night night” and then when you put her down, she is content to play in her bed for 45 minutes before drifting off to dreamland. We had a great time with Miss Lily and I think that she did too! I hope that Whitney and Dan felt safe and relaxed enough to enjoy their 8th Wedding Anniversary. Cheers to many more to come!

~Jamie (Lily's Honorary Aunt)

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