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Hug your kids...

I have been wanting to post this for a bit but no time until now. A very special person (and fellow photographer) lost her life last week to Ovarian Cancer. Heart wrenching. This woman has been a huge light and inspiration to so many people. Even people who did not personally know her were touched by her story. I did know her personally and was following her fight and I was so sad to hear the news.  She is my age and a mother of two young boys and having so much cancer in my family history her journey touched me everyday. So for today.... Hug your kids tight. Tell them you love them. Enjoy each moment you have with them. As busy as I am at the moment I am still cherishing every snuggle from my little princess and thankful that she has been giving her mommy lots of loves. This has also been making me really miss my grandma who lost her life to cancer not too many years ago. It reminds me just how thankful I am that Lily has Grandma's who love her. And so my sad story does not at least get a smile. Here are two shots I dragged out of my iPhone. You may have seen them already...But I wanted to post some beautiful light and a smile photo of Lily.


Play Boutique

Not so much a baby anymore...