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Play Boutique

We are thankful we found the Play Boutique (indoor play for kids).  This suck weather means less "souside" time for Miss Lily.  So its time we spend at Play Boutique, Omsi, Children's Museum or the Art Studio.  Gotta have lots of indoor fun for Lily!  So this last weekend...we had a quick trip to Play Boutique which Lily loved! There was a lot of kids (first rainy saturday) and Lily really enjoyed pushing the bee car around. Yup she loves Bees. She cried when a little girl came and took it from her. Luckily the dad made her give it back...ha ha!  She also liked this little spinning toy that I was able to snag a couple photos of her on. However my smart little girl was a little irritated that it made no beeps.  She kept pushing the buttons on top and knew they should do something :)


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