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Lily is now easily frustrated. Poor little thing. She is so determined and when she can not do something herself...She just gets pissed. Literally. And unfortunately mommy is at the end of that frustration which means I either get beat up (my face is full of Lily torture at the moment. Seriously.) or I put up with a screaming mess.  Isnt it a little earlier in the game here for beating mommy up?  Well....Heres the scoop. My little um Princess LOVES clothes as we all know. She now wants to dress herself and if you try to help her she screams at you and rips the clothes away. But the kicker is she is pissed when she cant put her pants on....So I lose either way. Im not allowed to help and she cant do it herself. Both equalling a screaming mess. How do I win? The last few mornings I let her attempt to dress herself for as long as I had time. Then I "asked" to help. Fit started. So I finally just have to put up with the screaming tantrum and dress her so we can leave. And Im late. Everyday. And a HOT Mess. Ugh. Help? LOL. Advice? How can we pass this stage fast?  I am fine if she dresses herself but she has not mastered it yet and will not let me try to teach her. One hand on her clothes and she throws a fit. Its awesome. Oh Lily. My independent girl. Help momma out please... ~Whitney

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