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Thursday Buzz w/ Gma...

Halloween festivities! Its here, fall!  The weather is changing, in the 30’s this am in Reno, but it will be 77 degrees this afternoon and 80 tomorrow, I love this fall weather!

Halloween and then the holidays. It seems like everywhere I look there are so many old favorite tasty pumpkin flavored treats and lots of new stuff too. Yesterday, Landon’s class at pre-school took a field trip to Ferrarie Farms pumpkin patch in Sparks. He is so proud of his pumpkin that he picked out and brought home and super excited to show it off.  He wants Papa to help him carve a scary face on it and put it on our porch.

Fun costumes are in the process or already decided. Trick or Treating is just around the corner. There is a costume party potluck at my work on Halloween. To dress or up not to dress up, to be or not to be…? I have been saying that I am done with dressing up for a few years now, but in the end I still always just have to do it. There is haunted trick or treating at my college this week and next and they asked me last night to come and help, and to dress up of course, hmmm…..

I always think of my Mom right during this time, because Halloween was her favorite holiday. I have a picture of her here at work in my cube dressed up as “Vampira,” her usual costume. Once she was an awesome” She-Devil .”  I remember being very small and her and my Dad were a great “Bonnie & Clyde” duo. We stayed over my grandparent’s house while they went out to a party. After they had dropped us off, my Dad added a scar on his cheek to his costume, which SCARED me when I saw it the next morning!

I can’t wait to see all the little kids’ costumes this year and the Bliss Studio Halloween pics! AND, if I do dress up again this year, pics will be posted later.

~Teri Troke- Lily's Gma


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