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My Entry???

Everytime I post a contest (well both times I guess I should say) I find all kinds of photo ops that would be perfect for an entry. I know...I cant enter my own contest...that would be just silly. But 5's? I think I made it too easy. I had 5's galore on friday....I was in an elevator going to floor 5! In a hospital room that was room number 5013. Then of course my license plate is BLI55. And I live on 55th. Okay...There was even more...5's were ATTACKING ME! The best 5 of the day was Little Teagan! I drove to Eugene on friday to photograph a client's baby who was born the day before. Teagan decided to show me exactly what 5 should look like....

What a smart little guy huh? I stole this pic from my Bliss Blog and thought it would be a perfect entry IF I was allowed :) Now no stealing my idea...gotta come up with your own! And thanks to the Richards for letting me snag this shot to post on Lily's blog! He is too cute not to share!


Wow...I guess I am a Slacker.

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