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Wow...I guess I am a Slacker.

I am such a Dork...... Dan says to me yesterday...You a slacker? Huh? I was confused....Well he says you posted TWICE on Lily blog that you are a slacker. Umm...Huh? I did? What the heck? So for one...I did not know Dan even kept up on Lily blog unless I make him read something! LOL. So thanks honey for checking up on us. And two...I am a DORK. I must have been feeling like a big slacker the day I was writing posts. So just a little truth...I dont actually write posts everyday. Sometimes I do...but there are days where I write several posts in the same day and just schedule them out to post one at a time. As many of you know there is only so much time in a day when you have little ones so we do what we can. I had written several posts in a day this last week and I guess that day I must have felt like a big slacker? Or else super tired which could also be the case. If I am too tired I have to re-read what I wrote a few times to make sure it does not sound like too much gibberish. I TRY to keep things interesting for you guys who are Lily Stalkers :) Hopefully I succeed most days.

This week...I vow to NOT be a slacker! LOL Instead I will get plenty of sleep. Lots of work Done. And my Lily girl will be an ANGEL. Easy enough right? Got to start this week out positive.

And just so we can see my little angel....Here she is :)


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