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Holiday Traditions: With the holidays upon us, I’ve been reflecting on the traditions that our family has built over the years.  I especially love the traditions of the Christmas season.  Now that my girls are 4 and 7 years old even they are old enough remember the various traditions and look forward to them.

One of my favorite traditions is our annual ornament purchase.  When David and I first started dating we started this tradition.  It is so fun pulling each ornament out each year and remembering the year we purchased it.  Now, we’ve expanded this tradition and the girls each are able to choose an ornament each year.  I have to admit I have to bite my tongue at some of the ornaments they’ve chosen.  This year, Kylee chose a stuffed cat ornament . . . ewwww.

Another fun tradition is watching our favorite holiday movies.  At their ages, we have started with fun movies like Elf and Home Alone.  The next movie I’m going to put into our traditional holiday movies to watch is “Miracle on 34th Street.”  I really like the modern version of this movie . . . so it is on my wish list for sure.

Well, here are a couple of our holiday traditions . . . have fun building your own!!!  If you already have some, feel free to share, I’d love to see them.

As Whitney always says, a blog post is always better with pictures . . . so please enjoy some pictures of my girls from over the years.

Here’s a picture of the girls visiting Santa (2009).  As you can tell Avery wasn’t very happy, but we all have one of these in our picture libraries, right?


And last but not least, this year’s lovely Christmas card that Whitney so beautifully designed and photographed for us.  LOVE THIS!!!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!  Have fun building your family traditions!

Love, Jamie


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