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Heavy Heart...

What a day. Today is/was my grandmothers Birthday. I know people tend to remember/morn or whatever they do on the anniversary of someones death. But in all honesty that whole time of losing my grandma is a little fuzzy. And if I had to tell you the "date" that she passed I would seriously have to look it up. I know the about time but I was in a fog so the date is gone from my memory. Instead I prefer to remember (well I remember her everyday but you know what I mean) on her birthday. So today she is heavy on my heart and mind. Then...We hear of the elementary school shooting in CT. Seriously. After having a shooting at a local mall a few days ago here in Portland. Then driving home for a quick break there is a lady lying in the middle of the freeway at my exit. Minutes...and I mean minutes before I approached my exit.  The emergency vehicle arrived just before I did. Is today over yet? I think I am going to go home and hug my family tight. More Later~


Snapshot Sunday...

Guest Blogger- Jamie