My Bliss.

Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Happy New Year!

I took time off. Seriously. Real time off. I had been working 7+ days a week there for a few months (is that even possible?) and I was officially pooped. So I ignored my work...computer and pretty much anything that resembled work since a few days before Christmas. It has been Heaven! And clearly needed.  Dan and I enjoyed our wonderful family for Christmas and have spend quality time together and with Lily. We cleaned house (which really meant re-decorated...You know...Our favorite thing to do!), organized our life a bit and just relaxed. But now that I have emerged from my Bliss....Its back to reality and back to work. Not that I mind. I do enjoy my work...and this is my slowest time of the year so its when I catch up and plan for the upcoming events. So the house is clean...Ive put in a few work hours and now I am working on organizing Blog catchup. Both here and on my Bliss Blog. Although I dont even know where to start! I have so many images that I want to post share. So Ill just start somewhere and work my way backwards...or forwards...or just any old order! ha.  Ive posted lots of pics on instagram (blisswhitney). But I still like to post here and share a little more about them.

I will start with New Years Eve. We are old. And have a toddler. So you know what that means. No partying. And in bed by 11! Okay not quite that bad. We had just a couple of people over (with their toddlers!) and had a mellow evening. The kids and all of the adults spent most of the evening in our newly decorated and added PLAYROOM! You will have to stay tuned for more on that but these photos will give you quite the sneak peek.  It is a great little room and the kids seem to love it so far!

Hope you are still sticking with me (and the blog) even though I have been a little MIA. Forgive me?

More soon~ Whitney

Lily's New Playroom....

Merry Christmas!