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Lily's New Playroom....

Dan has officially given up his Man Cave...I mean his office. What a good Dad. Although he may have alternate motives.  Dan had a few days off between holidays. Instead of relaxing and enjoying himself he basically decides his office needs to become a playroom. Im not going to argue of course...but the days off quickly turned into crazy house cleaning, decorating and organizing. Im exhausted just thinking about it. But it was worth it. The room is ADORABLE and our house is back in order. I suppose I cant complain about that right? Oh and lots of quality family time :)  I keep saying that. I know. But all the crazy working the last few months has made me stop and really appreciate the time. The room is almost complete. Just waiting on a few frames, prints and decor to finish it.  For now though I wanted to share a few sneak peeks and I will post the whole room as soon as we have the final touches on it. Oh and Dan's alternate motives? A clean house....all toys in one room! ha ha! Here is a few of the sneak peeks...

First up is the lame Before photo. I same lame....because I forgot to take a real before photo. Dan started moving furniture and then I remembered I needed to make a blog post. Oh well. Here is the Almost Before Photo...

You know we are creative so finding the "right" item is not always possible. So we made it. We bought a chandelier, painted it yellow and made the chain cover. Here are two shots of the beautiful center piece (and one of my top three favorites in the room).

 Grandpa Dave teased..."What playroom needs a chandelier in their room". Hello THE BEST KIND! Right?

Next we have the knobs above her kitchen. Yup...Knobs :)  I found them at Anthropologie and Dan made magic so they could be mounted to the wall.

A trip to Ikea and we found the fabulous "Bug Net" which I am pretty sure is Lily's Favorite part.

You may have noticed the cute little decals on the wall too! Lily can count them....Its so cute!

Next we have a few random shots of the room.

There is your sneak for now. As soon as we have the rest complete I will post more!


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