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Organizing my life...

Well thats probably a crazy thought in itself. Organize chaos? huh? Is that even possible?  Okay...Im not that chaotic...but sometimes it does feel that way. Being a working momma is hard. Being a momma is hard. Mostly its just finding the balance between being a good wife, mother and working. Balancing my time. It takes a lot of thought and work to balance everything. Somedays I feel like I am on top of everything and Im doing a pretty good job. Other days I feel like I Fail for one reason or another. I try not to make very many new years resolutions (if any) as who really keeps them much past a week or two anyway. So instead...Im just going to say my goal for this year is to find balance. To organize and spend my time as wisely as I can. There will still be good days and bad days but I will still try and make it my goal. I bought a new organizer that I am loving from www.erinconderen.com that I am hoping will help me out a bit. I am very much a list person. And not a computerized/phone list. I like to write stuff down so I can cross it off. I need that sense of accomplishment as my pen scribbles through a To Do item. Plus I like stickers....colored pens and creativeness that a paper planner allows you to have. I can view my month and then it goes week by week. Each week has the day listed with a morning, afternoon and evening. It makes me look at my day and break it down. I can list goals...dinner  menus....appointments...anything I need and have it seem a bit less scary when I break it down. I want it to force me to use my time well. This does not mean kill myself being so busy I dont get a break. But I want to be able to organize my day as best as I can. And if I fail? There is always tomorrow right? At least my planner is absolutely adorable!

Sorry for the horrible iphone pic...but you get the point. Its custom and imprinted :) Love it!


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