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I bring this up from time to time...I have Lily's blog featured on www.topbabyblogs.com. Readers can vote to have blogs they love be high in the rankings. Lily's seems to sit at about #130ish.  Every 3 months or so they reset so everyone can get a chance to move up.  Its time. They have reset so we have to have people vote so we can move up. If you are a reader...Help us out :)  I get nothing out of it...Its just fun and it allows other mommy bloggers to see her site. Its fun to scan the other blogs and read to. After all...We are all in this together right? It takes a village to raise a child! Ha!  Anyway....If you have a second vote! Click the banner...And the Owl on the left. Thats it. No bells and whistles. You do not have to sign up for anything. You are just saying...You love reading and you think this blog is awesome! Easy enough? And if you get bored. You are allowed to vote once a day and the link s always in the header saying "vote now".  As always I appreciate you guys! Thanks for taking a second to vote for Lily's blog!   Vote For Us @ topbabyblogs.com!

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