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Mess. Yuck. One of those things that having kids just seems to be a way of life right? Does not make it any less annoying and does not mean I have to like it. It just is what it is.  I was thinking the other day that there are different kids of messes and maybe depending on who you are they may not bother you too much. For example house "clutter". Toddlers leave a trail of mess wherever they are and cleaning it up before they go to bed seems almost pointless to me. The mess is a little annoying...but honestly not a huge deal to me. Id rather enjoy my family and ignore the mess until later! ha! Food mess...Now thats a whole other issue and one that I hate. I do not like cleaning it up and I do not like yucky food mess. Meal time is my least favorite activity and the mess is part of that reason. And thirdly we have "art" mess.  Art mess is my favorite and does not bother me at all. Paint, play dough and any other form of art to me is the best mess. Maybe nothing bothers you? But Im betting that each of us has messes that are painful and others that are easier to ignore. Not sure why this is....Or why I was even thinking about it....but we will just roll with this random post :) And even though I complained about Food Mess and mealtime being my least favorite activity (well unless it involves cupcakes! ha) Here was Lily's dinner last night. The perfect little toddler plate. She gobbled it all right up!


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