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March Mommy Workshops...

Many of you already know that I am the owner of Bliss Studio. But I'm not sure how many of you keep up with that side of my life :)  Some of my readers are clients and others are family and some of you I may not even know. So just in case I wanted to share here about the Mommy Workshops that I am offering/teaching.  I have taught a lot of photography workshops over the years but always to my fellow professional photographers. This year I have switched it up a bit and decided it would be fun to teach my fellow Mom's more about taking photos of their own child. Now that I see what its like to be a mom and photograph my little girl I can see some of the struggles we as mom's have.  Plus its time I give back a bit and share a little of my knowledge in an easy to understand way. These workshops are one on one and a two hour session with me. Its really about the level you are at as well. I have had "I know nothing" to "I know lots already" and I am able to help you along either way. You bring your camera and a model and we can chat about camera settings, posing and seeing light. The cost of this workshop is $59.00. For the month of March I am also offering a free 5x7 ($31 value) for any completed workshops. I always take a few images for teaching purposes during the workshop so the 5x7 will be from one of those. These workshops are for weekday bookings only BUT I am offering March 23rd if you need a weekend (still a couple spots left that day). If you have any questions please let me know. And please understand this is not for pro (or trying to go pro) photographers. These are JUST for my mommy's (or daddy's) wanting to capture their kids a little better. If you want to read up on one I taught on Monday I just make a blog post on my Bliss Blog about it. CLICK HERE


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