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Project Life~Photo Tip Friday

I have a small addiction to playing around on pinterest. I cant help it. Its fabulous (blisswhitney if you want to follow my boards and dont already). One thing I stumbled across this week was this scrapbooking concept they are calling "Project Life." Anyone heard of it? I used to be a crazy scrapbooker but of course it takes time and there is only so much free time these days. Which is why I am going to jump on board to this new idea (well it may not be that new...but I just found it!).  If you are a pinterest user...search "Project Life" or google it. Its basically a 3 ring binder that has sleeves with holes in it that you can slip in photos, memorabilia or little journaling cards. It can be crazy chaotic or it can be simple depending on your level of creativity and time constraints. The idea originally behind it from what I understand was a photo a day...but then it evolved to more of a page a week.  I have also seen a few that have theirs organized more by month as that works better for them. I am actually loving the idea of a weekly challenge. I have so many iphone/instagram photos of Lily and our lives that I have no idea what to do with. I gave the guilt post about printing your photos and I think this is going to be my solution. Ill create a book for 2013 and a layout (or two if a busy week) of each week. I am getting a little late start but it will be a good opportunity to clean out my phone archives a bit and get some of those random day to day photos I have taken of Lily and such. Ive ordered my slip in pages and just need to find a 12x12 3 ring binder that they will fit in.  Ill post photos once I get mine started so you can see but I am excited about figuring out an easy and quick solution to saving all those photos that are not necessarily wall worthy. Anyone else doing something similar? How are you printing/organizing your photos? Anyone already on board with a project life book? I would love to hear what you have going! More Soon~


Snapshot Sunday-project life

Snapshot Sunday!