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Snapshot Sunday-project life

You may have seen my post on Friday (scroll down if you missed it) about the Project Life style scrapbook.  I got my slip in pages on saturday and its officially in progress. I had all my weeks of photos printed and organized before I got the pages (see first pic).  So all I have been doing is putting the puzzle pieces together a bit and journaling. Its a bit of a puzzle as there are different layouts and trying to make the images I already printed fit in the specific layouts was a bit of a pain. But a little creativity and cropping...and I made it work. In future weeks this will be much easier as I will not be trying to catchup and now I know what page styles I have to work with.  So far...I LOVE what I have done...and know this is going to be a great accomplishment and a way to get those random photos in an album . Dan was even teasing that I should be building these albums for other people! Yes...he is a goof. Maybe we can have a class on it? ha...Actually it really is quite easy...And Jamie if you are reading this...I think you would really like this style! Its quick and painless!

Proud Moment...

Project Life~Photo Tip Friday