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Lily's 3rd Easter

It really is a bit crazy to me that its Lily's 3rd Easter...even though she is just turning two. For this Easter...Lily did not get just one Easter Basket...Or Even just two. Nope. Miss Spoiled has gotten THREE Easter Baskets and one more on the way...making a total of Four! I want to know WHERE IS MINE! ha ha.  I only have photos of two....but of course she had her basket from us and the Sanow family gave her one too.  Grandma Nancy brought one over (forgot to get a pic) and Grandma Teri is bringing her one when she comes to visit in a couple weeks.  This was the first year that Easter really was fun for Lily. She got to find eggs in the Sanow's backyard with Esme and Ellerie. She also really gets the concept of presents so its fun for her to "open" all her basket goodies. We had the most beautiful day for Easter this year so we were able to BBQ and enjoy an entire afternoon outside with friends. The kids were in heaven playing outside too. Thanks to the Sanow's for hosting...it was the first time in a while that we were not the host of a party or event and it was AWESOME! It was weird...but Awesome!  Here is some fun pics from the day ....


Seriously Gap?

Snapshot Sunday