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Seriously Gap?

So my little sister sends me a text with "I'm getting this for Lily..."

Pretty sure my mouth dropped open. And a "Hell NO" might have came out.  And actually I think my sis may have been asking if I would ever dress Lily in this.  Dont worry. She was totally kidding (at least she better have been).  But seriously what the hell.  I will tell you this is from Gap. Which made me wonder if Tim Gunn needed to take a little visit to the designer. The word "EDIT" comes to mind...and just plain "I dont get it".  The bow is just a nice touch. Gag. It gets better. Once I gagged on this she kept sending me pics...

Im slightly confused about what crazy person thought this up and then second what was Gap thinking? I have always thought I loved pretty much anything Gap and would put Lily in their clothes as the are usually pretty fabulous. Until Now. If you love these shirts. I forgive you. If you buy them for my daughter...I will not. HA HA!  Just teasing. Sorta. Ill admit Dan tried to tell me they are not that bad and that they are Urban Hip. Well. He can wear them...and Ill Politely laugh at him. And not behind his back.

Thankfully the real outfit Destiny bought is perfect and the Gap I Love. Thanks Dest for the laugh and letting me share your fabulous pics.


Happy Birthday Lily!

Lily's 3rd Easter