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Happy Birthday Lily!

Today my little princess turns TWO!  This last year really has flown by.  I think the first year I was a zombie so I don't remember much. This year we didn't have any sleep issues...and its amazing what you can do when you have sleep. This past year has been great. Lily has really taught us what life is about.  And yes its corny...but we couldn't imagine life without her. I know people always say that...but now I know just how they feel.  Lily is going to daycare today and then her nama and papa's since Dan and I bowl on tuesdays. I feel slightly guilty. ha! However...Dan and I just spent a four day weekend with her and yesterday we took her to the Zoo! Plus Saturday is her big party so I shouldn't feel guilty right?  And it gets better...As I am writing this its 9:30am and the little peanut is STILL sleeping!   I guess on your birthday sleeping in is a must right?  Def my daughter :) After we got home from the Zoo yesterday we decided to give her the big gift instead of waiting for Saturday. Dan and I bought Lily a Mini Cooper! Oh yes...A matching cooper to Mommy! She LOVED it!  She kept saying Lily drive car! And would not get out. It was hilarious! If you ask her is it Lily's Birthday? She says...Lily drive new car!  We also told her when her cousin Landon comes he will help her drive (its an electric car so Lily can only play in it...needs a little help).  So she would tell us "Landon sit here." LOL.

Here is a few pics from yesterday...


Lily at TWO:

You love peas You love to "play with kids" You have the biggest laugh You have found your independence "No-Lily do it" You sing ABC's & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star You love to say "No more Monkey's Jumping on the Bed" You love to wear your sunglasses You are a chatterbox You LOVE your jammies-Penguins & Cupcakes You love to watch Cupcakes & Ponies on TV You could teach an adult how to use an ipad You love your tiger (especially feeding and diapering) You love books....to be read to...and to read by yourself Outside is still your favorite place to be You Love watching out the window for Daddy to come home You LOVE all fruit You love going for rides in your stroller You give butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses

And here you are at TWO....



Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you! Happy Birthday! XOXOXO

Cousin Love

Seriously Gap?