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"Bigger Mini"

Bigger Mini...Well I guess you can call that an oxymoron? But I like it! The decision has been made that we needed a new car. My little Mini Cooper is just a touch small to get a car seat in the back. Yes it can be done...but what a challenge. Not something I was looking forward to. I also have NO desire to get rid of my car. Despite the fact Dan pointed out if HE had a "sports car" he would have to sell it. Hmmm. Not sure about that. But either way we need to make a change. I LOVE my mini....so when we saw the commercials for the NEW Mini SUV we were hooked. A quick call down to Dan at Rasmussen Mini and we set up a test drive for as soon as the first one arrived. And that was TODAY! We LOVED the car. Both of us. Dan does not really like driving the mini as much as I do but he is pretty excited about the new one. More room but still the same feel as the mini cooper. We should be getting our new car early summer as we are going to custom order the perfect one. Spoiled I know....but that is the way it is done at Mini. Because its a new car there is not an unlimited stock supply to just drive up and pick one. We dont technically need the car until Summer anyway so no rush. I have included a photo of what the car looks like...but this is not the color we will be getting. Its just a peek!


***Update....Guess I grabbed the wrong photo off google images. Oops. This is the correct New Mini SUV :)

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