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Little Cute things...

I dont have a lot to report at the moment....and I know a few of you have been checking up on me! My next Dr. appointment is on Feb. 14th and I have been pretty mellow. My ever growing tummy is starting to scare me! I feel huge...and know I still have a ways to go. More pieces of the nursery were put together this weekend...Just a couple more things and it will be all set. Dan and I have been buying little things along the way as we find them. I am super picky...and it seems I only like one or two things when I go someplace....well that and I am only willing to spend so much money :) This is a couple things I have picked up recently. Baby Lily finally has some socks! Been wanting to get some and loved the little box set. Found the adorable BePeaceful shirt brand new for $1.99. We thought it was a joke (marked down from $25.00)....but no joke. Snagged it right up! And finally I LOVE the mod outfit! Found it at Macy's! It is going to be a great outfit for photos!

Thats all I have for now...More soon :)


Goodnight Room

"Bigger Mini"