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Photo Tip Friday...

I only have a minute. The toddler is driving me batty this week! Ha!  But I just wanted to say again how much I encourage you to print your photos!!! I know its Photo Tip Friday and I had an experience last night that I dont want to have happen again. I decided I was going to do a Project Life album from when Lily was born. So that puts me a couple years behind. I need one for 2011 and one for 2012.  I have started this years...and have been on top of it so I am all caught up (I am doing weekly spreads) so now its time to start from 2011.  What a chore!!!  I would recommend always start from the present so at least you feel some sort of accomplishment not just totally behind. I have soooo many photos both from my "good camera" and also from both our iphones. Trying to weed through and pick the "winners" is challenging even for me. I may do it for a living and "know" which are the best however its my child. So I want ALL of them as most of my clients experience. Right? Well I am powering through it as best as I can...Starting with April 2011. Well first up? My Baby Shower. Right. WHERE ARE MY SHOWER PHOTOS!  IM SERIOUS!!!! Where are they????   Gone. Deleted. Who knows. Remember I am the queen of organizing photos...I do it for a living. I have back ups..off sites...etc. Yeah. For clients. Me? Well somewhat of a disaster. I "mostly" have everything organized but some reason shower pics are missing. I have looked everywhere. Tossed and turned all night about it.  I have posted a few small ones on my blog which at the very least I can snag and make something to put in my album. But geez. Im beating myself up over it.  I know this was two years ago and anything and everything since is cataloged and organized (remember the organization post?....Im ON IT).  So I leave you with this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Print your photos. Do not wait. Do not push it aside. Print what you can so no matter what you have them and do not have to worry about technology failing you.  I know many of you have showed me your project life starts (So Proud by the way) and I encourage you guys to try this type of scrapbooking. If you want more information get in touch with me. I will be selling Project Life albums, pages, slip ins, pens and washi (I like to call it Wasbi tape! LOL) tape starting in June. As well as having "Happy Hours" to work on them at the studio!  Its going to be awesome.  Stay tuned...and reach out if you are interested in seeing samples or any of the product? The new line and albums are AWESOME! Cant wait to showcase them at the studio.  




Snapshot Sunday

Lily's One Year Album