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Snapshot Sunday

You ready...Be prepared...Cause what you are about to see might hurt your eyes. Or make you go EWWWWWW!!!! Drumroll please....










Oh yes. It happened. Poop Everywhere. Instead of napping Lily took all her clothes off. Then her diaper. Then she POOPED! It was a moment I was hoping I never had to experience. We had successfully dealt with Pee all over her crib from the night she took off all her clothes plus diaper and slept naked ALL NIGHT LONG! That was a LOT of pee!  But that was nothing compared to the poop mess. It was all over her (can you say GROSS) all over her crib. Yeah. I think I might have shed a few tears and demanded (while he laughed) that Dan come home. Im glad he thought it was funny.  He did however say clean up Lily and he would clean up poop when he got home. I love my husband. Lets hope we do not have to experience this again...Or I am seriously duct taping the diaper on at night :)

~The Joys Of parenthood.


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