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Weekend with friends...

Lily is back to herself again. Thank goodness. A week of sick and being cooped up was no fun for anyone. I am not sure who was more tired of whom :) LOL  Lily got to start out her weekend with a visit from the Smith girls. She LOVES them. It was so cute when they showed up at our house. She went running to the door all giddy. She did wonder however where Jamie was :) Its visits from these girls that make me happy we decided to have two. In a lot of ways it is so much easier for me to watch all three girls than just Lily. Kylee is so good with Lily and such a big helper that I get to sit down and have a break while the girls play. AMAZING!  The girls stayed the night on friday night and saturday morning we headed to the Zoo.  We made it to the zoo before it got crazy busy and were able to see lots of animals. I think they had a pretty good time.  (And Tammy thanks for helping carry Lily! My prego butt can only hold her for so long...Oh yes we forgot to bring the stroller. oops).

Here are a couple cute pics. Sorry only a couple I failed to take more for some reason.  The first is a shot of the girls and Dan enjoying a little ipad. And the second was visiting the penguins (Lily loves the penguins and the tigers!)

Pretty sure I am dreaming?

A sick little girl...