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Pretty sure I am dreaming?

Is it time to wake up yet?  I think I am living a nightmare today so I am pretty sure I just need to pinch myself so I wake up right?  Today started out with a little Lily Puke. And then some more puke. And then some more puke. 4 pukes later I "Think" we got her pretty much cleared out. I mean how much can a little one really puke? It was all over me...all over every towel/blanket I had, all over couch and all over carpet....oh and some in the kitchen. SERIOUSLY? That happened? Im sure it was a nightmare. Home alone in tears myself calling my saviors to come rescue me. Luckily Grandpa Dave was not too busy and came to help out for a bit. The good news in all this is Lily seems to be totally fine. Happy. No fever. No nothing. Just playing with toys and then puking? What the heck? Well all cleaned up assuming all should be well now since she seemed to keep her lunch down okay. Lets try nap and hopefully that will help her feel better right? Next up....Well why not experience the other end next. Yes thats right...POOP. Everywhere! As per her favorite thing...Removing her diaper when she should be sleeping. There was seriously poop all over her...including her hair. OMG. Scoop up and bath #2 for today. Again is today over yet? Im trying to pinch myself but it does not seem to be doing anything other than making me red and say ouch.

As I like to say....Parenting is so glamours. And PS. Can I be done for today? Nap seems to be over. So I am going to wrap this up for now. Lets hope the worst is over. And if not...Daddy will be home soon to SAVE ME!


Oh and here is Lily with he puke bowl I finally got out. She says..."I Okay Mom". If only she really was. No more puke or poop today PLEASE HONEY!

Photo Tip Friday...Close ups.

Weekend with friends...