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Photo Tip Friday...Close ups.

Time to get back to my regular posts. Or at least try to.  I think to get us started I thought I would make this a tip and a challenge for the week for anyone who wants to play. For this week (until next friday) take a close up photo. This can be of an object or even a person. Just a tighter shot. Maybe something you wouldn't normally shoot. Or maybe its a tight close up of your child. Use your imagination.  You can use an phone, point and shoot or a DSLR camera. No rules. Just have fun and take a close up shot. For your tip...

If you are shooting with a DSLR.

Do you see a dial that has different modes? Such as Manual, Auto, AV, TV....etc?  Find your menu or dial and turn it to AV mode. This means Aperture Priority.  Once you are in this mode adjust its number to the smallest/lowest number you can.  For example my favorite lens will go to a 1.8 so I set it at 1.8.  You may have a range anywhere from 1.8-5.6 would be my guess. Just find the smallest one.  Now shoot your close up!  This number is called the aperture which is how much light your lens is letting in.  We are letting in the most light we can with that lower number and also helping the depth of field. In other words we dont want everything in focus. Instead we are narrowing that focus a bit so we can really dial in to that important part of your image whether its a petal in a flower or your childs' eye. If that is confusing and you have more questions hit me up. Or just try it. Change your mode. Adjust the number and see what happens!  I grabbed one quick shot today while I was scouting an orchard for a session. This was shot with my 85mm lens and a 1.8 aperture.


Good Luck and Happy Shooting!



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