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Delicata Squash...

YUMMY!  Nancy brought me over a Delicata Squash this last weekend so I decided it sounded like the perfect dessert for last night. Yes Dessert! An almost healthy one right?  I forgot to take a before photo so I borrowed one...

Original image can be found HERE (along with an article in the Oregonian).

It was really yummy. Sweet and light.  I cooked it at 350 degrees (don't forget to pierce it first or you will get an exploding squash! LOL).  for about 45 minutes. I got a little Lily distracted so I think mine may have cooked closer to an hour which may have been slightly too much (it was a smaller squash). However the seeds and guck came out really easily and it tasted good so I wouldn't worry too much. I pulled it out cut it in half length wise...gutted it :) and then added butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. The sweet treat! YUM. Dan said he was puking (note: Remember I said Nancy brought ME squash! LOL). I however enjoyed every bite and would recommend it!  Especially if you like squash.  I have done this with acorn squash too which is also a great treat!


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