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9 Years and Counting...

9 Years?!? Time flies. Seems crazy but I guess its been that long. Here we are happy with our growing family and still as much in love as we were on this day nine years ago (if not more!).  I am so happy I found Dan. He is my perfect match and I love him very much. I guess after nine years and having a little one having an extravagant anniversary as we have in the past (Italy, Paris, Mexico, Hawaii...yes seriously). But today we will just take comfort in all we have accomplished and enjoy a day of work (yes we are working...at least we are working together right?), a little pedicure pampering and then dinner at my favorite restaurant...Portland City Grill!  It will be a mellow day/evening. But it will still be perfect.

Happy Anniversary Honey! Love You Always.



Delicata Squash...