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Daddy/Daughter Time!

As much as I miss my family when I am out of town (which isnt often anymore). Its so cute to see Dan and Lily hang out.  Plus I like getting photos all day and FaceTime-ing as much as possible. Nothing beat the fun kisses and giggles when the two came to pick me up at the airport. Lily was so excited! Here is a little of what I missed over the weekend...


Playing Peek-A-Boo over the couch.

Lily's favorite meal....Mac n cheese, berries, tomatoes, chicken nuggets and peas. Daddy must really love her!



Shopping at Old Navy for some new clothes!



Playing with new puzzles daddy got her...


Out for a walk. Wow. LOL


More WOW. LOL. Racing around the house in her silly outfit.


Boats in water? Not sure...making corks swim? Id say she was just drinking the water :)  But notice...Must wear wings and tutu at all times (and who needs a shirt).


Playing with homemade goop? Hmm...I think Daddy might have spent some time on Pinterest? Or maybe paid attention in Science class?



Dinner Disaster! Someone does NOT like green beans (its okay Lily, Me Neither. Yuck).


Fun couple of days for them. I am happy to be home though.


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