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Photo Tip Friday-Being an Observer

One thing that I know is so different about Dan and my style of photography is the control. What I mean is Dan is a landscape photographer. Which means he likes to have a little more time and control over his images. The same goes if he shoots in the studio. He may shoot a still life or flowers and he likes to be able to control the light, the background and each tiny detail. For me...I may be a bit of a control freak in real life...but when it comes to my photography I have learned there is no point. I shoot kids. So with that comes TONS of patience and the realization that you can not force anything. It does not matter if its a baby or a bigger child. They are only going to do what they want and you have to be able to adapt quickly to the situation. I have learned to roll with it and make the best of any situation.  Im usually fine...but its the mom's I have to calm, letting them know its okay if their child does not want to sit right where I want them. Or if their child is not smiling their perfect smile. Its not always about that. Its about the moments and letting the child be who they are.

My tip for today is just that...Let kids be kids. Dont worry about getting the perfect shot. Just watch. Observe. Capture them being who they are. Dont stress or they will know and it will be all over. And if you take them to a pro photographer for pics...Let the pro do their job. Keep Calm! Its important to make sure its fun and not stressful for anyone.

I wanted to grab a quick photo for this post so I snagged a recent pic from my iphone. This photo is of my niece Ella eating the gender reveal cake from last weekend (dont worry more on that soon).  I happen to think its just a sweet shot. Its simple and just captures the moment. Its not posed. There is no smile. Its just real. Embrace those moments!!! They are what life is all about.



P.S. Gender Reveal happening TOMORROW (sat) night! STAY TUNED!!!!

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