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It's A....

.....................Drum Roll Please........................


Yup thats right. Its a BOY! How on earth did that happen? I mean I was actually wrong? I was SURE it was a girl. Dan keeps reminding me that its a 50/50 chance however...That means I am 50% wrong which is clearly not the case. Hmpf. But here we are prego with a little boy. What an adventure. I do feel quite lucky that we will now have one of each. Makes me feel even better about the decision to only have two.

We spilled to beans to a small portion of our family in Reno last weekend (While I was in town visiting). I had a cake made with the blue filling and my sister in law and I decorated it up all cute.  I had my mom cut the cake :)  It was quite exciting and fun to see everyone's reactions. I was not the only one surprised. My little brother was on Team Girl with me and didnt quite believe it either (you should have seen me...arguing with the ultra sound tech...Umm...Kinda hard to argue with a penis in the photo. Oops).

I thought the idea of having a boy would sink in a little more once we were able to share the news. But so far...I might be slightly still in shock. In a good way...I promise you. Its just hard to be wrong. ha ha ha.

Tonight we had a mini reveal part at our house with a few good friends. Dan and I decorated part of his room and had the reveal there (I figured I had already done the cake reveal and needed something a little different). Party was a smashing success! We had a blast visiting with everyone and it was a great surprise to reveal as well!


On to our next adventure...Our little Boy!

~Whitney, Dan & Lily (big sister)

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