My Bliss.

Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Daddy's home...Thank Goodness.

Well from the lack of posts I bet your realized something was up. Well it was. Daddy was out of town for a week... EEK!


I think we survived...

Well mostly...

But Hey...Ponies and Tutus make everything perfect right?


It was a long week...but I did have some help and am so Thankful Daddy is back.  Its hard doing it alone and I know Lily and I both really missed Daddy. As soon as he came home she said "I missed Daddy". So cute.  So we have been recovering between having Dan back and a few little sick bugs that seem to have passed through our house.  I have about 10 blog posts in the making including a couple fall recipes and the bow tie tutorial.  Ill try to get them all posted up!



Snapshot Sunday!