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It was a fun Halloween this year.  We started out with a Birthday Party for Lily's friend Carson. It was Halloween themed so Lily had her first opportunity to wear her bee costume. She also had her first time getting her face painted!  Lily has super sensitive skin so just in case it was a lightly painted heart (which ended up being fine).  Lily sat so still and was so excited to have her face painted. And we cant forget the pouty bee. (photo by Jamie) Lily only smiles on HER terms...(sorry no photo with Carson...Mom fail. In my defense I had my phone put away in my purse and had to steal Jamie's to even get these!)

Next up we had a Halloween Set at Bliss. I do this every year so its so fun to be able to include my daughter now.  We took a couple images with her friends Esme and Ellerie as well...but I am only posting the funny one. My daughter and her faces...shesh. Ha ha!

And lastly we ventured out for Lily's first official halloween trick or treating. We didnt take her out last year but this year she had the scoop. We went to a condo building in downtown Portland. Can I say  BEST.IDEA.EVER! It wasnt mine. It was Sam's (Esme & Ellerie's Mom).  Her sister in law works in the building and two of my clients used to live there as well.  It was well lit, warm, zero crowds AND the best treats. There was seriously even Wine for the adults (a few of the houses tried to treat us).  Cant get much better than that right?  If we can go next year...thats what we will be doing! ha!


All in all it was a good Halloween. There was nothing cuter than watching the three girls knock on doors and say trick or treat. They were polite and really enjoyed choosing their treats. Lily got a little "picky" towards the end but Ill blame that on a super tired girl.  She didnt want to stop but she sure was yawning.  We promptly hid all the candy in my tummy...umm...I mean in the closet! ha! Dont worry I gave Lily a treat (a fruit snack does that count? It was in her bucket!). She was a happy girl and so was mamma (especially after coaching her on which candy to pick...oops).

And Thank you to Stacie (my assistant) for providing me with my Halloween-Tine! I felt loved and like a kid again! Fun to get adult sized treats!


Snapshot Sunday...

Daddy's home...Thank Goodness.