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Lily plus Santa

I prepped her for a week straight. Letting her know we were going to take photos with Santa. She has been commenting on the photo of her as a baby with Santa that I have up and seems like she is good to go with Santa pics. And this is what I got...


Seriously Lily?  I shot 17 Santa Sessions on Sunday and I get the stinky face from my own daughter. And the kicker? Santa was played by her Grandpa. Thats right SHE KNEW IT WAS HIM! We told her he was wearing a Santa Costume since she is all about dressing up and talking about her halloween Bee costume.  HE showed his face…and she still wouldn't hang. My little princess is just so fabulous.

With a little more time and some forced tickling from Grandpa we were able to pull out one "happy" shot…although maybe hanging the pouty face is just one more to add to the collection! ha ha

It was still a fabulous day of shooting and I was so excited for the adorable Hannah Anderson Jammies/slippers I got her just for the shoot. That and having Grandpa as Santa made it that much better. At least this is the first year I got good quality, adorable Santa photos. Grumpy or not…totally worth it! Im excited to start this Bliss tradition! Grandpa Dave…ROCKED being Santa! I was very proud!  (Special thanks to him too…he was a trooper!)



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